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What are Brand Partners?


Brand Partners are simply individuals or businesses (putative or existing) seeking to maximise revenue streams by retailing by Ria products, and/or providing complementary health services and/or crystal party plans under the by Ria banner. We wish to welcome on board, self-motivated individuals whose enthusiasm will help grow the brand.


Is there a ‘One-size-fits-all’ package?


No. by Ria operates across a range of products and services, all with differing market activity, MOs and objectives. To integrate these into our business model, we have developed various Brand Partner packages, fashioned to reflect this disparate mission base. We can therefore offer Retail only (Level 1), Party Planner (Level 2) and Therapist (Level 3) Brand Partnerships


Who makes an ideal Brand Partner?


Our Brand Partners range from established multi-branch retail outlets, to recently qualified therapists seeking a first step on the ladder.


Below is a non-exhaustive shortlist of typical examples:


You may be a Reflexology/Aromatherapy student who needs a helping hand in your own start-up. Because of our bulk-buying power, we can provide for all your requirements.


You may be a practising therapist looking to widen your interests. With our help you can boost your earnings by increasing your Client-base, and merchandising our products.


You may be an established business in a related field such as beauty, physiotherapy or similar, with spare floor capacity in your premises and looking to expand your range of services.


You may be a Retailer, either already in the Mind, Body, Spirit field, or a more general supplier wishing to take advantage of a ground floor opportunity to offer greater choice to your customers.


What are the necessary skill-sets to become a Brand Partner?


To retail only, there are no qualification requirements.


To provide by Ria crystal party plans, again there are no qualification requirements, but there will be a short training programme incorporating crystal product knowledge, and a by Ria philosophy induction.

However in order that we can deliver on our promise of a full range of services, to qualify as a Therapist Brand Partner it is envisaged that you will already hold a certificate to practice Reflexology and/or Aromatherapy, because these are long-course disciplines and the distance, cost and time elements involved preclude by Ria from undertaking anything other than short-term training programmes.


How do I benefit from becoming a Brand Partner, and what do I get out of it?


By becoming a by Ria Brand Partner you will be delivering a whole brand philosophy, and because your achievements are our achievements it is in our interests that your business thrives.


What we will provide for all of our Brand Partners (Level 1, includes Retailers + Party Planners + Therapist Brand Partners):

  • Our full range of products at trade prices
  • Web presence on
  • Full sales support (POS Display; Literature etc.)

What we will provide for our Services Brand Partners (Level 2, includes Party Planners + Therapist Brand Partners):

  • All Level 1 benefits +
  • All necessary training to bring you up to speed with the by Ria portfolio
  • Web presence on c/w Photos + Profile + Recommendation + All territorial referrals
  • Guidance on the by Ria philosophy
  • Ongoing business support

What we will provide for our Therapist Brand Partners (Level 3)

  • All Levels 1 & 2 benefits +
  • Therapist’s Tunics c/w by Ria logo
  • 1 week’s supply of towels c/w by Ria logo
  • All relevant updates from professional bodies

What we can provide for our Brand Partners:

  • All aspects of running your business, e.g. help with your initial Client-base; sales & marketing (including local advertising & editorials); accountancy/book-keeping
  • Professional tools/kits: to include Couch; Oils; Hot Stone Manifest + all other essential equipment & consumables

This business support remains available to all of our Brand Partners, though it will mainly appeal to start-ups. There will obviously be cost implications, but at preferred rates to enable our Brand Partners to set up/grow their businesses cost-effectively.


How much does becoming a Brand Partner cost me?


There being differing Brand Partner models, all with bespoke requirements, each individual package is tailor-made to suit your particular circumstance. For further details on how to determine the optimum package for you, simply click here.

In a purely retail environment, It’s easy! There are no cost implications. We will provide product at trade prices for you to maximise your earnings.

How do I become a Brand Partner?


For further details on how to determine the optimum package for you call us or email


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